The Materic table, designed by Piero Lissoni, is a sculptural object where the absolute simplicity of design is juxtaposed to the sophistication of materials and workmanships.
Materic features a round and tapered table top, laying on a turned truncated cone as a base.
The top comes in marble, available in fine nuances ranging from verde ra-meggiato to the more traditional white Carrara marble. The table top can also feature a rotating tray in the middle.

The base is made up of 12 sandblasted natural ash, black stained or dark brown stained solid ash boards that are turned and connected to one another with finger joints so as to obtain a perfect truncated cone with a distinct wood grain.

The table comes in three top sizes, all available with a rotating central disc; thanks to its generous size, it ensures maxi-mum comfort for 6 or 8 to 10 people sitting around the table.

The rotating tray in the middle is perfectly flush with the top and is cut from the same marble slab thanks to the precision of water-jet technology. The use of the same slab and the coplanarity ensure a spectacular uniformity of the top surface and texture.