Onassis is an extremely modern model, designed to furnish private home theaters of yachts, luxury hotels and luxury residences.
The combination of linear design and precious materials creates a unique product of peculiar and high-impact beauty. The seatback and the sides of the Onassis Recliner are made of polished Makassar Ebony. This is a clear tribute to the multifaceted luxury of Art Déco style, which has recently come back into vogue.
Onassis is upholstered with a light-colored precious fine-grained leather, giving a touch of nautical style that goes beautifully with luxury yachts interiors. The armrest is refinished with a geometric pattern, quilted along its whole length, completing and enhancing the recliner.
Onassis keeps all the practical functionalities specific to Home Theater Recliners. In particular, the usage of one of the best reclining mechanisms in the market, characterized by extreme resistance and durability.